Name︰"Prevention and Control of Japanese Encephalitis" Comic Creation Competition
Objective:To raise awareness of prevention and control of Japanese Encephalitis
Deadline︰31 May 2021
Form︰Click here
Points to note︰Hand in to your Visual Arts teacher




"Beautiful Sea Life" Colouring Competition
Objective: To understand Sustainable Development Goal 14 - Life Below Water.
Deadline︰ 7 May 2021 
Form︰ Click here
Points to note︰Hand in to your Visual Arts teacher



Name︰ 5th Yuen Long District Primary Drawing Competition
Theme:Being Strong during the Pandemic
Deadline:31 May 2021
Format:A3 or 29x38cm(4 split) Sketch Paper
Details:Click here
Points to note:Please indicate personal information on the back of the artwork (i.e. Name, school name, grouping, contact no. and name of the artwork). Hand in to your Visual Arts teacher when it's done.



Name︰ Bethel High School 70th Anniversary Colouring Competition
Deadline︰ 23 April 2021
Details︰ Click here
Lower Primary Form︰ Click here
Upper Primary Form︰ Click here
Points to note︰ Hand in your work to our school to enrol.



Name︰11th Yuen Long District Primary School Healthy Life Drawing Competition
Objective︰ Encourage students to have a healthy life by drawing to express positivity.
Deadline︰ 14 April 2021 (17:00)
Format: A3 Sketch Paper (297 x 420 mm)
Details︰ Click here
Points to note︰ Contact our VA teachers and hand in your work to them.



Name︰ 46th Hong Kong Youth Drawing/ Painting Competition (2020-21)
Objective︰ Foster students' interests towards eastern and western paintings.
Deadline︰14 May 2021 (18:30)

(A) Western Painting:

(1) Format:Participant can choose 1 theme of own choice. No limitations on materials. 

(2) Paper:  Sketch paper 11''×15'' (inch) prepared by the participant.

(3) Groups & Details:Primary (a) Quota:None for each grouping

(b) Theme:(1) Green Life  or  (2) Fighting the Pandemic Together


(B) Chinese Painting Competition: (1) Format & Title: Own choice of original theme

(2) Paper: Rich paper (around 14'' ×18'' inch),prepared by the participant.

(3) Groups & Details:Primary (a) Quota:None for each grouping


Click here


Click here



Name︰RTHK Hong Kong Biodiversity Documentary Cover Design Competition (Second round)
Introduction︰ Students will design covers for a biodiversity in Hong Kong documentary in order for them to understand more about Hong Kong biodiversity. 
Deadline︰ 19 April 2021 
Group: P.4-P.6 students
Details & Form︰ 

Click here



Name︰14th Moral Education Comic Design Competition

Applicants can choose one of the following themes (Unlimited Quotas)

(1)Do not do others what you would not have them to do to you.

(2) Be happy and thankful at all times.

(3) There are always ways to ease pressure and to be happy.

(4) Have a green and healthy life.

(5) Be active to learn and help others.

Deadline︰18 May 2021
Format:A4 Sketch paper, single or 4-grid comic is acceptable
If interested, please inform your Visual Arts' teacher. 
Hand in the artwork to the school.



Name︰Caring Community Parent-child Colouring Competition
Theme︰Promoting a harmony and caring Culture
Deadline︰19 March 2021
Details & Application Form︰Click here



2020 - 2021 Inter-school Respecting Copyright Design Competition
Upper Primary – Website Poster Colouring Design Competition
Respecting Copyright
Deadline︰19 March 2021
Details︰Click here
Notes︰The title should follow the theme and should not exceed 15 words (in Chinese).



2020 - 2021 Inter-school Respecting Copyright Design Competition
Lower Primary – Website Poster Colouring Design Competition
Theme︰Respecting Copyright
Deadline︰19 March 2021
Application Form:Click here
Details︰Click here



Name︰Creating SEN Friendly Community 4-grid Comic Design Competition
Theme︰SEN Friendly Community
Deadline︰27 February 2021
Format:White Sketch Paper (29cm X 38cm)
Details & Application Form︰Click here



Name︰''Law-abidingness'' and ''empathy'' Poster Design Competition
Theme︰''Law-abidingness'' and ''empathy''
Deadline︰26 February 2021
Details︰Click here
Format:A4 Paper
Notes︰Artwork must be scanned before submission and submit the work to the school general office.



Name︰My Red Packet Money Goals - Colouring Competition 2021
Theme︰My Red Packet Money Goals
Deadline︰25 February 2021
Details & Submission︰Click here
Application Form (P.1-3)Click here
Application Form (P.4-6)Click here



Name︰CNY Crafts & Ornaments Competition 
Details︰Click here
Deadline︰5 February 2021
Submission︰Click here



Name︰22nd Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovative Competition
Theme︰Innovative Scientific Painting
Deadline︰31 January 2020
Regulations︰Click here
Details︰Click here
Guides:Click here
Previous Winning Artwork:Click here



Name︰ Chinese Traditional Clothing Design Competition
Theme︰Positive Parent Masgots & Chinese New Year
Deadline︰18 January 2020
Reference:Click here
Competition Sample:Click here
Details & Submission:Click here



Name︰Parent-child Year of OX Red Paper Design Competition
Form︰Click here
Deadline︰29 January 2020
Details︰Click here



Name︰China Bank HK - WhatsApp Stickers Design Competition
Template︰Click here
Deadline︰17 January 2020
Details︰Click here



Name︰New Year Drawing Competition

Colouring Competition (Lower Primary: P1-3)

Colouring Competition (Upper Primary: P4-6)

Deadline︰10 January 2020
Details︰Click here
Application Form (P1-3)︰Click here
Application Form (P4-6)︰Click here