LKKB Letter (8th)

Date: 12/07/2019

This is the eighth issue of LKKB Newsletter in my tenure of the Principal of the school and I would like to welcome you all.

For the past twenty five years, we have always been endeavouring for establishing a new chapter for the school. Despite difficult progress, our hard work would always “bear fruit”. It surely enables us to continuously educate in an aggressive and eager-to-change spirit.

During the year, our biggest challenge is to explore means to consolidate students' learning, while minimizing homework load; hence we realise that giving homework effectively and appropriately to assess students' learning is essential and can only be performed by a teacher who is experienced and can master the pedagogy of related teaching contents. Fortunately, the teachers in our school are experienced, passionate and committed to maximize students' after-school hours in order for them to develop their diversified intelligence and accumulate more experience in real life. In view of the homework completion status within school hours of our lower primary students, most are able to complete their homework within an hour. Because of this, it allows students with greater autonomy in self-direct learning outside the classroom and it certainly is an integral part of quality education.

        Moreover, our school drama team has won the ever first “Adjudicators' Award” in Hong Kong School Drama Festival and the students will perform in Tsuen Wan Town Hall. Not to mention Miss Mak, the teacher responsible, is one of our school's quality graduate. Concerning Miss Mak'teaching for already three years as contribution to our school, her alma mater, we are elated to see our student grow and serve the community; it is certainly the consequence teachers would hope for.

        Above all, I am truly grateful that I've been serving the school for twenty four years. Despite concerns relating to education have constantly been reported nowdays, teacher, staff and parents in our school are mutually supportive and tolerant and actively strive for the next generation. I do hope such atmosphere would continue in order to provide a comprehensive learning experience plan for our students' future.


Principal Lau Tit-mui