Promotion of Reading

Our school is committed to promote reading through organizing various reading activities for students to broaden their reading knowledge and develop their cultivation of reading habit.
Fostering a good reading habit during early childhood is crucial and thus the school encourages students to bring their own books to read anytime and anywhere at school every day. Moreover, the school provides a lunch reading session for P.1 and P.2 to read in the playground on the ground floor and listen to stories told by the teachers. On the other hand, P.3- P.6 students remain in their classrooms to read silently. This develops a good reading atmosphere in the school.
In order for students to be exposed to different areas of books for reading, the school Iibrary regularly holds exhibitions and displays different kinds of books. Moreover, in order to develop the book-sharing culture among the students, the school has setup a ‘book-sharing tree’ to provide an extra platform for book sharing. Students can read the book review notes and good work on it so that teachers and students can share reading achievements with one another.
Nevertheless, the library team uses QR Code as means to display teachers’ recommendations for reading so that students can make good use of it to read the content and watch the book-sharing videos of that book.
In view of accomplishing the STEM culture in our school to develop the next generation in facing the trend for learning, the school library also provides Zenbo Robot story-telling session. During lunch session and after school, Zenbo will interactively and energetically tell stories to students. It serves as a new and interesting way to foster students’ reading interests and let students get into the stories for more involvement and discussion.
The school regularly organizes talks by writers so that students can meet the writers in person and help develop their reading interests. Last year, the writer of ‘The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes’, Lai Ho came to our school for a book signing and talk event which was fruitful and with enthusiastic response. Additionally, the school also regularly organizes reading theme-based stall games to enhance the reading atmosphere of the school.
The school also organizes various visits every year to foster students’ reading interests to let them enjoy and get into reading.